SV Marketing

I worked at SV-Marketing as a Senior Account Manager.  They are a digital marketing agency based out in Kent (UK) who specialise in paid acquisition across the B2C sector.

I first joined them back in 2017 as a junior and quickly worked my way up to Senior account manager.  This wasn’t an easy achievement, I was learning paid advertising from scratch and so was working a lot of hours to catch up to the expectations of the staff and owners (which was VERY high).

“We Help Your Business Win Online: Connect With Your Customers, Enhance Your Brand And Increase Sales Predictability.”

My Experience As A Junior

Starting off as a junior I was working alongside some of the other marketers in house, observing what they are doing and quickly working on my own small size accounts.  These accounts were primarily bricks & mortar (usually gyms) where we would be responsible for generating as many leads as possible for the business owner.

  • Average cost per lead: £5
  • Average lead to sale: 15%
  • LTV of each account: 9 months

These accounts initially gave me the basic understanding on how paid advertising works, copywriting, landing page optimisation and strategy build out.  Working with bricks & mortar businesses also let me gain an understanding from the business owners standpoint on what they need help with, sales processes and ROI.

Moving Into Senior

As the agency was still a bootstrapped startup, everyone was limited for time and resources. I quickly moved into a senior position after showcasing my ability to work with small size accounts at volume (I was working with 7 different accounts at one point doing everything from start to finish).

Moving into senior meant I was now not only responsible for my own results (which primarily centred around the accounts cost per lead) but also the rest of the teams.  I was involved in all the different phases of all the accounts;

  • Marketing & strategy
  • Implementation
  • Optimisation & scaling

I was handling accounts with up to £50,000 in advertising spend per month across a variety of industries including ecommerce, bricks & mortar and online courses.

My Biggest Win

The best ‘win’ I had with any client account came in the health & fitness niche where I was able to generate a 7X return across the lifetime of working with their account.  In other words for every £1 spent they made £7…this was typically to cold traffic (worldwide audience) with an unlimited budget as long as we were ROAS positive.

This taught me the importance of having a product which is product market fit.  Digital advertising is either going to work with your business or against it.  If you haven’t got a baseline with your company already then I wouldn’t advise on just throwing money on advertising for the sake of it.

Other Noticeable Wins

I helped out with business development at numerous times in the company, winning over £50,000 worth of contracts during my time at SV-Marketing.  In addition I also experienced the hiring process for getting new team members on board alongside training people up to being able to work on accounts themselves.