Property Investments UK

Property Investments UK (PIUK) started off initially as a blog for the CEO (Robert Jones) when he started getting into property as an investment strategy.  Now the site generates 50,000 website visitors per month supplying the UK Property Market a range of content and information to help the industry.

The Problem

To generate a consistent number of leads and enquiries to partners interested in a range of services (buy to let properties, mortgages, training/courses etc).  There was a lot of unfiltered traffic who would land on the website but not be nurtured accordingly.

The Solution

Whilst they had both an affective SEO strategy and in-depth knowledge for the property market, they were lacking in a bigger picture for their marketing campaigns.

Segmenting traffic using a range of marketing channels such as site messaging, social retargeting, email and Google Display we were able to increase the volume of leads who wouldn’t have converted otherwise.  Whilst they were generating a large volume of leads the % of those converting into potential paying customers was tiny which is why it was key to understanding, and optimising, the flow of leads.

The Results

Over the course of 12 months I worked with PIUK to generate the following results;

  • MQL increased by 340%
  • SQL increased by 351%
  • Total Lead & Sales Value increased by 183%

This was a difficult project overall as there was a transition in the business when I arrived from a coaching/mentorship model into a lead generation company for developers.  This resulted in numerous issues being encountered along the way such as overall strategy, messaging and ensuring the leads are qualified enough for PIUK’s partners.