Lick Home

Lick Home

A new home decor brand and e-commerce site revolutionising the way consumers shop for and decorate their homes.

The Problem

With only 4% of people choosing to purchase their DIY products online we needed to build trust with consumers. In addition this was a brand new ad account which meant I was starting from scratch – no creative assets and no data. That meant I wasn’t 100% aware on the average order value (AOV), cost per purchase (CPP) or lifetime value (LTV) of the customer.

The Solution

This account had many moving parts, I would be lying if I said I could summarise everything that happened in their ad account over the first 4 months. Broadly speaking I needed to immediately;

  1. Establish audiences and creative combinations that could work together
  2. Understand key metrics which shaped their account (primarily ROAS, CPP, AOV and CTR).
  3. Introduce automated rules to help control the daily ad spend and KPIs

I initially started with an ABO (ad set budget optimisation) campaign optimised for purchases alongside 5 different audiences to test. This gave me the initial data to understand what was working and what didn’t quite click. Ads like the one above gave me a wide variety of ads to save and use in new campaigns (to keep the social impressions – likes, comments, shares) and had a proven track record of success.

Over 4 months I worked on a variety of different tests including;

  • Audience tests (interests, lookalikes, gender, age, location, behavioural)
  • Devices
  • Wifi (Tip: Having wifi turned ‘on’ seems to be working really well at the moment)
  • Bidding strategies
  • Creative types; images, videos, carousel, collection etc

The Results

  • £36,050 spent
  • £156,171 generated
  • 433% return on ad spend
  • £5.76 average cost per purchase
  • £24 average order value

These results helped Lick raise their next round of funding. The first 4 months were fantastic working together, after establishing winning creatives and audiences scaling the ad account became much easier.