CrossFit Sandyford

CrossFit Sandyford is a gym based in Ireland just outside of Dublin.  They cater for members of the public ranging from beginners to athletes to help achieve their fitness goals – whatever they may be.

The Problem

They needed to generate more leads and enquiries to their facility in order to grow.  They had a sales system in place but they didn’t have the footfall they wanted.  CrossFit Sandyford is a premium CrossFit facility with their membership costs 3-4 times the cost compared to a regular gym.

The Solution

Their was two parts to their solution;

  1. Requiring an increased number of leads and enquiries
  2. Ensuring these leads and enquiries were qualified and able to afford their services

Building out targeted Facebook & Instagram campaigns which advertised their services whilst maintaining a low cost per lead.  This solution involved the buildout of landing pages, creatives and email autoresponders all to be working in sync with eachother for a seamless customer experience.

Whilst Facebook can be a volatile machine I tested a couple of different approaches including;

  • dynamic creative
  • same gender CBO campaigns
  • broad targeting
  • interest targeting

But the best strategy which worked was dividing males and females into separate campaigns whilst advertising towards their biggest pain points.

The Results

  • Generated 1000 leads
  • 30% lead to sale rate average
  • Cost per lead under €10 lifetime

Now CrossFit Sandyford have got a more predictable stream of leads alongside sales process resulting in a healthier cash flow and profitable business.